Thursday, March 24, 2011

Every single year!

When will I learn?  I mean REALLY?!?  I must say even after trying to plan it perfectly and waiting longer than usual, it is happening again.  They should make me the local weather lady...

Without fail, every single year, I revamp the closets, put away the heavy coats, sweaters, scarfs and gloves for winter has ended, we get out all our spring stuff and BOOM  winter bites us back!  Yes my friends snow and temps in the 30s are expected next week.  I am sorry, I will try to do better next year...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There was a SHIP, a great big SHIP....

On the corner of a that is not how that song goes but hmmm I might be on to something...

I live in a wonderful place filled with wonderful things to do and see, one of these happens to be the Titanic Museum Attraction,  if you have been so lucky to visit Branson, I doubt you missed it.  It is an amazing sight from the outside alone, towering 100 feet above the famous 76 strip.

However it is the inside of this magnificent vessel that will take you back in time as you become a passenger on the legendary Titanic.  The Titanic Museum Attraction is filled with 400 real life artifacts, the world's largest  model of the ship, and my personal favorite an elegant replica of the grand staircase.

You have to be thinking at this point, um should I bring my children?  Why YES you should!  It is Interactive and Kid Friendly and they will LOVE it!  They might even get the chance to meet the adorable mascots, Molly and Carter.  Chaselyn loved meeting them!

The Titanic Museum Attraction is hosting a mom's bloggers contest and you had to complete a scavenger hunt and write about it.  This is my entry, in case you haven't figured that out already, my dear followers. Anyway when I answer a question from the scavenger hunt you will find the question number in parenthesis after the answer.  Let me just tell you there is some very interesting things in this!  And yes, I will be giving you a quiz later!

Some things you should know!

Hey all my Tennessee Friends and Family!  The Titanic Museum Attraction also has a museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee it was opened on April 8, 2010.  Branson's Titanic will be open from 9 to 8pm on April 8, 2011 (1).

The Titanic walk through experience is about a 90 minute self guided tour, you may also rent a cell-phone-sized audio player that will narrate your tour and hear stories from actual Titanic survivors. (2)

As mentioned before, the Titanic mascots Molly and Carter, are some of the most loveable King Charles Spaniels I have ever met. (3)

Did you know they have their own web cam?  Check it out here!

Molly and Carter pay tribute daily to the 10 dogs who were onboard the Titanic. (14)   Speaking of animals there is a book called Titanicat, (10) a heartwarming story of a cat and her kittens that I encourage you to read to and with your children, it was named "Recommended Reading for School Children by the State of Missouri".

Remember when you asked if you should bring your kids?  Well  this quote from a mom sums it up...
"The crew was amazing… very professional, kind and informative. They engaged the children and pointed out interesting things that would appeal to them."
-Celeste Justice, Moms' Corner for
 It is a documented fact that Celeste's son wore a muscle man costume to the museum, apparentally he wears it all the time.(5)

The Titanic Musuem Attraction puts on many events during the year one of these is the wonderful display of Missouri Artist Rachel Wilson's life size animal sculptures, there is nothing quite like them they are BEAUTIFUL and even that is an understatement. 

 She constructs her masterpieces from fallen hedge branches, shaping them into magnificient free standing works of art. You must MUST see them in person, you will be blown away.  Visit her website at:
She returns to the Titanic this year July 1-31 2011. (8)

Speaking of events, did you know you can get married on that Grand Staircase Replica?  The Titanic Museum Attraction can put on a Grand Wedding and how ROMANTIC would that be?  Just call Kristina Hagey, (9) the wedding coordinator for the Titanic Branson, and she will get you on your way to saying your vows (or renewing)!

Some Interesting Facts about the Titanic:


On April 15th, 1912, 25 year old Jack Phillips and 21 year old Harold Bride sent the distress signals in the wee morning hours. (4)  

Edward John Smith was the captain of the RMS Titanic (13)

A one way ticket for two in a parlor suite, in peak season on the Titanic would have set you back $22, 000. (6)

The Titanic was  883 feet long.  That's like 3 football fields! (7)

2, 208 men, woman, and children were aboard the Titanic. When you board the Titanic Museum Attraction you will be given a boarding pass with the name of someone who was on board.  In the memorial room at the end of your journey you can discover the fate of your passenger. (11)

There was a remarkable cargo list, including 36, 000 oranges!(15)

The top speed of the Titanic was 24 knots. (18)

There were 222 third class cabins on the Titanic. (17)

The Titanic Museum Attraction is truly a sight to see in fact when it opened in 2006, Regis Philbin (16) "christened" the ship, saying it “…It’s frankly the best museum exhibition
I think I’ve ever seen!”

and I agree it is a MUST when you visit Branson, just head on over to
3235 76 Country Blvd & Hwy 165, (19)  
I promise YOU CAN'T MISS IT! 

Oh and tell that beautiful first class maid, Miss Jaynee (12) we said hello, she will be right there to greet you!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I can smell you Spring...

I CAN SMELL YOU!  I just wish you'd get here, I am so ready.  I love you Winter, I do, but enough is enough, its not you its me...I just can't do it anymore, I am ready to hang the heavy coat up, put away the gloves and hats, the earmuffs, the long johns...well Winter you get the point, maybe we can rekindle the flame hmmm lets see in about 9 months...

Spring let's get our relationship started, shall we??? Just don't bring the allergies!  Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011? Well when did you get here?

Are you kidding me?  2011?  Wow where did that 2010 year go?
We were busy bees during the holidays and now January is almost over and I am still going HMMMMMM.  We were so happy to have Grandad and Uga visit for Thanksgiving and Meme at Christmas, it snowed both holidays and as I write I am watching the 5 inches of snow that we acquired on Thursday melt in the balmy 41 degree weather.  Oh don't worry bunnies more is coming tonight into tomorrow.  I like snow, really I do, its beautiful, but in my old age it hurts my bones that I don't like.  Oh well the kids love it, we snowball fought, we built forts, we tried to sled, well I admit not really "We"  more like "They" took pictures!  Isn't that what we do?  I admit though the first day they went out to play I kept little bit inside and took photos from the window.  It was freezing!!!  Yesterday I ventured out, Peyton, loved the snow,  I think I got some great pics, and the kids laughed and squealed and didn't want to come in from the Winter Wonderland!  Isn't that what makes life worth it!  Welcome 2011! I embrace you, I will hit you head on, and in 343 days I will wonder where you too have gone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mom this is the BEST Birthday Evahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Don't you love the praise your child gives you every once in a while?  Chaselyn turned 6 on November 1st and we made a trip to Saint Louis for the weekend.  We arrived at my 2nd cousins house on the Saturday before where she had planned a Fall Fairy Tea Party for the girls.  They had such a great time!  They went on a garden scavenger hunt, made garden bugs, made fairy wands, ladybug cookies, had an art class on drawing fairies, and finished the day off with a fabulous tea party by candlelight---it was beautiful!! 

The next morning brought Halloween and a fun filled day, went to The Butterfly House at Faust Park and rode the carousel, and played at the amazing playground.  We then ventured over to Rombach farm to visit the pumpkin patch this was a pretty cool place and FREE I love that!  Lots of great displays and fun things for the kids.  We hurried back to get kids in costumes and over to the Fall Festival for games,  lots of candy, food, and kettle corn! We finished off the night with an ice cream cone FREE for kids in costume and some of the best frozen custard I have ever tasted.  Fritz's  I heart thee!  They even made Peyton a baby cone it was perfect and she enjoyed it very much!!!  Even after all that we had time to trick or treat for a bit, needless to say we were all T-I-R-E-D!!

The next morning Chaselyn was treated to a breakfast fit for a queen with balloons, banners, candles on pancakes, and a special party hat!
We left after the feast and headed to the St. Louis Zoo, this is a beautiful zoo and ummm FREE, we all loved it even though it was cold and cloudy we got to see the monkeys (Chaselyn's favorite) and many more beautiful creatures. We left the zoo and headed over to Fitz's for lunch (not the same as the custard place, isn't that crazy how close the names are though-lol) This was a fun place, good food, and Chaselyn got a Birthday Float! They bottle Root Beer there on site although they were cleaning the machines while we were there, we did enjoy some of the best root beer I have ever tasted in the coldest mug I have ever had Root Beer served it....AMAZING!

We took the kids to the arch and they laid under it, the wind was blowing super fast that day and the arch looked as if it was gonna blow over, Good Times!

We then headed home but made some of those stops on route 66 to see some of the coolest roadside attractions. Chaselyn exclaimed many times how this was the best birthday Evahhhhhh! That makes everything even more special doesn't it???

Friday, August 13, 2010

the summer of ??

You fill in the blank, whew it was just a whirlwind and I don't know if I can remember it all!  We moved, celebrated birthdays for three of our gals and had company almost every week, went without snail mail for a month due to the move and Internet for 2 weeks!  In between we packed, trashed, unpacked, trashed, did a lot of home improvements, entertained, and somehow summer went POOF!  Just disappeared and left without even a warning!  On top of all this, the heat is just HORRIBLE, my poor little girls have been staring at the new yard from the windows like sad little puppy dogs wanting to go out so bad!
I will welcome fall and its hopefully cooler days with open arms but will miss the summer fun that went too quickly!
How was your summer??

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something about S'mores...

I love S'mores anytime of year, anytime of day, anytime at all-- who doesn't want to indulge in the yummy toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate, and the crispness of a graham!  Our family's favorite time is JUST BECAUSE we can have one!  Yum I need one now, good thing I always keep the ingredients on hand!
While I am making my s'mores you need to check out
You'll be glad you did!

This post is not only because I love s'mores but I am also entering a contest for a S’mores prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club!!